Uplift Syracuse is a progressive advocacy group, working to create a more equitable city and county by supporting candidates and policies that would advance social, racial, economic, and environmental justice efforts throughout the surrounding region.

Over the past year, Uplift has worked with local organizers, leaders, and advocacy organizations to develop a People’s Platform, which outline the priorities of Uplift, and partner organizations, and to guide our work. 

The People’s Platform

In coordination with other organizations in the Greater Syracuse Area, Uplift members, community leaders, and issue experts worked together to create a People’s Platform, which consists of dozens of policy solutions to address some of the most urgent and critical issues our communities are facing. The People’s Platform is intended to serve as a guide to both advocates and elected officials and a direct reflect on the priorities of grassroots organizations.

Combatting Climate Change

  • Commit to 100% Renewable Energy by 2030 both in Syracuse and Onondaga County
  • Develop and Implement an Ambitious Sustainability Plan for the City, Towns, and County
  • Commit to Public Ownership of Power

Fighting For Fair Housing

  • The City of Syracuse Should Conduct the ETPA Expansion Study as Dictated in New York State Law
  • Code Enforcement Changes to Increase Transparency and Support
  • Rezone Changes to Support Affordability, Mixed Zoning, and Resist Gentrification
  • Establish a Tenant Support Unit
  • Require Rental Registry Compliance to Evict
  • PILOT Reform to Include Affordability Standards as Outlined By HUD
  • Support a Transparent and Community-Involved Blueprint 15
  • Create a Land Trust for Land Reclaimed Land during Community Grid Transition
  • Reform the Landbank to Encourage Tenant Ownership and Foster Neighborhoods

Creating Jobs & An Economy That Works For All Of Us

  • SIDA Reform
  • Leveraging the New Lead Ordinance for Transparency and Racial Equity
  • Cooperative Development
  • Municipal Broadband

Reforming Policing In Our Communities

  • Immediately implement changes to the use of force policy as outlined and presented in our earlier analysis, no later than June 30th, 2020
  • Immediately remove all SRO’s from schools and encourage a joint city/school board action plan to assure resources are directed to counseling and supportive staff with a culturally responsive and trauma informed framework
  • Immediately amend the proposed FY’21 budget to redistribute taxpayer resources away from an oversized police department, with substantial and substantive investments into parks, recreation, youth services and neighborhood development in the most vulnerable portions of the city first
  • Withdraw from contract negotiations with the Syracuse PBA and seek the legal remedies needed to create a new contract that is responsive to long-held community demands, including those enumerated in our 6/12 press statement
  • Draft and pass legislation that empowers the CRB with enforcement of their recommendations for discipline when they sustain findings of misconduct, while preserving the body as a citizen-led board
  • Draft, introduce and pass legislation for public oversight of surveillance and other technologies, including a ban on biometric and facial recognition technologies
  • Release the Mayor’s plan to demilitarize SPD and implement the Ferguson Report Findings

Improving & Expanding Public Transportation

  • Bring Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) to Syracuse to increase access to public transportation, efficiency of our transportation system, reliability and the ease of use which can help our workers have access to jobs outside of their immediate area, and students and seniors.
  • Free Bus Passes for Students and Seniors
  • No Car Weekends

This report outlines both Uplift’s vision for Bus Rapid Transit and a practical plan to make that vision a reality. Better Bus Service

Strengthen Our Democracy & Combatting Corruption

  • End partisan gerrymandering by creating Citizen-Led Non-Partisan Redistricting in Syracuse to ensure district lines are drawn fairly and our communities are represented.
  • Expand early Voting in Onondaga County to ensure every voter has access to an Early Voting Site.
  • Combat big money interests and create a path for working people to run for office by creating a Small Donor Matching System for candidates that run for County Office.
  • Increase transparency by establishing and requiring Live Streaming for All Public Meetings held by government bodies.